Player Auctions

Statistics from Player Auction

Number of total players auctioned      80

Highest bids for player (overall)

1 OPXTAUTER Kandurata Kings 242,500
2 ISSL Mamatha Wayamba Raiders 217,500
3 ISSL LUCIFER Northern Rangers 202,500
4 ERBIV VISH Rajarata Giants 190,000
5 ISSLJIMMY Sabaragamuwa Knights 162,500
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Highest bid for IGL
OPXTAUTER (Kandurata Kings – 242,500 points)

Highest bid for Entry Fragger
ISSLJIMMY (Sabaragamuwa Knights – 162,500 points)

Highest bid for Sniper / Flanker
ISSL LUCIFER (Northern Rangers – 202,500 points)

Highest bid for Support
FRagJay (Southern Sharks – 142,500 points)

Highest bid for Standby player
ISSL Azzwin (Sabaragamuwa Knights – 117,500 points)

Most points spent by a manager
Janith Rajapakse (Western Warriors – 298,250 points)

Least points spent by a manager
Kamith Gajanayaka (Uva Bandits – 267,250 points)

Team with least number of players
Western Warriors – 5 players

Player who got most number of bids
18 bids for MAFIA ROCKY (Bamba Bears)


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Northern Rangers - Russel Arnold

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